Reporting Extremist Activity

DT Analytics is interested in hearing from the public. We are particularly interested in information about any extremist activity in your area. This includes Ku Klux Klan rallies, militia training, sovereign citizen seminars, violent criminal activity or other extremist-related event. Please send your reports using our contact form on this page. You can remain anonymous and just provide a brief but detailed description of the extremist event (city, county, state, type of activity, date, number of participants, etc) in the space provided. Also, please describe how you obtained the information (i.e. personal observation, from a friend, event announcement, etc.). Your assistance is greatly appreciated and makes a difference.

National Capitol Area

DT Analytics is located in the National Capitol Area—Washington, D.C. The National Capitol Area has long been one of the fastest-growing parts of country due to its close proximity to major metropolitan areas, the U.S. government and many international corporations. The area boasts top-notch educational offerings, expanding health care options, and amazing natural beauty including beaches, mountains, rivers and forests. The National Capitol Area has a rich history, which includes many national historic events in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia and Pennsylvania dating back to the birth of our nation.

One of the Northeast's major North-South highways, Interstate 95, transits through the eastern portion of the National Capitol Area. Another major East-West freeway, Interstate 70, runs to the north. Washington D.C., Baltimore, Richmond (VA) and Philadelphia (PA) are within 90 minutes away by car, making the National Capitol Area a popular location for both government and private sector organizations. The National Capitol Area offers a high standard of living and great quality of life. It also has plenty of recreational opportunities within easy driving distance. The Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, Civil War battlefields, major rivers, natural caverns and the Appalachian Trail are all within a few hours’ drive of Washington, D.C. Several resorts offering snow skiing, mountain biking, river rafting, fishing, and other outdoor activities are within 90 miles. Many professional musical performances and concerts are regularly scheduled at any of several music venues throughout the region. Six Flags, Kings Dominion and Hershey theme parks are within two hours driving distance.

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