It is the policy of DT Analytics to maintain positive relations with public audiences through accurate and timely communications. For company news and information, members of the news media are directed to visit the DT Analytics website and/or email directly to

DT Analytics, LLC, has established the following policy, which applies to press interviews, news articles, contributing works, requests for conference presentations or law enforcement training and any other type of public relations regarding the work of DT Analytics.

A complete list of past media interviews featuring Daryl Johnson can be found on the DT Analytics blog.

Daryl Johnson


All media requests should be submitted in writing to Please provide the following information: news organization, detailed request and contact information (both phone number and email address). DT Analytics will make every attempt to respond within 24 hours. This advance notification procedure ensures that DT Analytics clearly understands the request, adequately prepares for it and provides a thorough, accurate and timely response.

DT Analytics welcomes media requests to provide expert opinion, consultation, and other input to media concerning domestic non-Islamic extremism issues. Please submit such requests to

DT Analytics delivers presentations to law enforcement, homeland security professionals, and academia on a variety of topics related to domestic non-Islamic extremism within the United States. Speaking requests are limited. For more information, visit our services page.

Suggestions to improve upon this Media Relations Policy or which seek to add value to DT Analytics' public interaction are welcomed. Please send comments or suggestions to

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Since 2011, DT Anyalytics has fulfilled numerous media requests on a variety of topics to include the following media agencies:


Many extremist related criminal activities are not reported in the media.

Still, many other reported incidents do not disclose the subject's extremist beliefs or affiliation.

When possible, DT Analytics will follow up on familiar incident indicators and conduct further research to determine whether or not any extremist connection exists. When an extremist correlation is found, DT Analytics will disclose this information in its summary of the news article.

We only post news items relevant to domestic extremism.

Our clients deserve timely, accurate and useful information. DT Analytics provides a convenient service by conducting domestic extremist related news searches on your behalf—thus, saving you time. We eliminate the hassle and monotony of news browsing.

Let DT Analytics be your source for domestic extremist related media reporting. Check in with us regularly to see what's new and stay informed.