DT Analytics Training
DT Analytics offers specialized law enforcement training, classroom instruction, briefing presentations and other speaking engagements on domestic non-Islamic extremists, their radical ideology, activities, tactics and tradecraft.

DT Analytics has fulfilled multiple speaking requests from law enforcement, homeland security professionals, and academia on a variety of topics related to domestic extremism within the United States. Speaking requests are limited and handled on a case by case basis. Please submit all speaking or training requests to daryl@dtanalytics.org. Please be sure to download our products and services brochure at the "Read More" link below!

DT Analytics is now accepting applications for the secure portal. Please complete the registration form on this page, click "Submit" and someone will contact you with more information.

The DT Analytics' secure portal is a subscription-based service for law enforcement officers and analysts, college/university students, faculty members and other academic researchers to collect, report and share information about domestic extremist activity in the United States. Membership is only open to individuals involved in law enforcement/criminal justice, intelligence, homeland security and counterterrorism related work or academic programs related to these areas of study. It is not available to the general public. The secure portal serves as a virtual repository for both raw and finished open source information related specifically to domestic extremism. It also features a forum capability where members can post information, ask questions, provide answers and interact with subject matter experts to gain knowledge and unique insights related to domestic terrorism and extremist groups. It is designed to enhance members' professional knowledge, skills and abilities to enable them to better perform their work.

Featured topics in the secure portal include:

  • Formation of New Extremist Groups
  • Scheduled Extremist Activities
  • Emerging Extremism Trends
  • Extremist Reaction to Significant Events
  • Extremist Propaganda Campaigns
  • Extremist Group Profiles
  • Domestic Extremist Radicalization
  • Other Law Enforcement Resources

Information at your fingertips.

The secure portal offers access to information necessary to stay current and informed. It provides users with an alternative solution to their legal constraints and oversight controls.

Let us work for you.

The secure portal also eliminates redundancy and duplication of effort, thus enabling members to better manage their work load and maximize their limited time to complete even more work. It is a "force multiplier."
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All prospective users must complete a registration form including their contact information, official title or position, employer's name and location. They must also be vetted through DT Analytics' network of trusted clients and verified by at least two other users before receiving access.

Prospective users of the secure portal will pay an annual subscription fee to access premium content. Monthly and semi-annual memberships will also be offered. Annual subscriptions will be available at a reduced rate.

Approved users will be required to sign a consent form acknowledging the rules and policies of the secure portal. Members will access the secure portal using a personalized UserID and password.

  • Personalized UserID
  • Password Authentication
  • Firewall Protected Server
  • State of the Art Security Parameters
  • Easy to Navigate Features
  • Individual User Storage Capacity